Extremely accurate digital wall clock

The extreme accuracy! Definitely it is a feature of Maxim DS3231, a extremely accurate I2C real time clock (RTC) with integrated temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and crystal. The integration of the crystal resonator enhances the long-term accuracy of the device, the maximum error in a year is less than 64 second, over a temperature range 0 to 40ºC.

Article: 110167-1 & 110167-2


Q-Watt - Simple Audio Power Amplifier

Good news for all audio enthusiasts: we are proud to present yet another all-analog circuit developed entirely in house. Despite the simple design of this audio power amp with just one pair of transistors in the output stage, Q-Watt can deliver over 200 quality (Q) watts into 4 ohms with exceptionally low distortion thanks to the use of a special audio driver IC.

Article: 110656-1


UltiProp Clock

Electronics is never so fine as when it skillfully combines magic with physics, mechanics with software, imagination with thoroughness and precision, and a taste for beauty with good workmanship. This timepiece was designed to display the time and date in an original way—but we admit we did also design it to draw cries of amazement from the visitors who find it in our laboratory. We’ll bet many of you will want to do the same in your own homes!


The Elektor PCB Service was originally launched in 2009, and since then more than 3,000 users have been registered. Elektor and Eurocircuits decided to extend their service to the Elektor community.
Low prices
A wide choise
  • A wide choice of PCB technology options in pooling
  • 4 targeted pooling services and one non-pooling service
  • 100 % CAM verification check, as well as visualisation of your board before we start production
  • ISO9001-2008 certified Eurocircuits production plants in Germany and Hungary
  • NEW "BINDI pool" service : medium-volume 2-layer boards, Asian prices with European assured quality and delivery
  • Environmentally conscious production.
Speed and convenience
Elektor boards
the way you do.
Circuit boards for Elektor projects, Bare PCB, no more, no less.
Elektor kits
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PCBs and components in a kit. All you need for an Elektor project.
Elektor modules
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Ready made assembled Elektor modules, unpack and start experimenting.
PCB Fabrication
PCB Fabrication service, PCB prototypes and small batches.
PCB Verification .
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PCB verification service, Verify your PCB before you order.